27 Jun 2014

Three great development tools

I use many tools for day to day productivity. Of course there is IDEs, like IntelliJ, web storm and to an extent Atom. But there's many little nifty gems that get shown to me by peers which I end up adopting. In this post I will cover httpie: a curl on steroids, ack: a replacement for grep and my new favourite font: Fira Sans Mono Read more..

16 Apr 2014

Some Docker Tips and Tricks

Docker is a great tool, which can be daunting at first. Shells can be annoying to work with and have their gotchas. It took me some time to figure these out and I want to spare you the time. This post has some quick tips, tricks and shell one liners to help you use Docker. Read more..

11 Apr 2014

Continuous Integration Using Docker, Maven and Jenkins

With the push to feature branches and the increased use of git, continuous integration of every single branch can become an infrastructure nightmare. Docker can be used to eliminate the need to deploy to remote servers and run your integration tests on the same server as your build. Scaling can then be done using Jenkins slaves that run one or more jobs concurrently. Read more..

22 Apr 2012

Reduce the Complexity of Your Templates Using an HstSiteMapItemHandler

Often the content in the document that's being rendered on the page helps decide what information ends up on the user's screen. We normally have two ways to handle this: in the java component (HstComponent) or in the render template (JSP / Freemarker). Now this works OK when the structure of the page doesn't change, because it's mostly a matter of changing what is put in the attributes of the request (Java) or writing a <c:if> in your JSP / Freemarker. Read more..