27 Jun 2014

Three great development tools

I use many tools for day to day productivity. Of course there is IDEs, like IntelliJ, web storm and to an extent Atom. But there's many little nifty gems that get shown to me by peers which I end up adopting. In this post I will cover httpie: a curl on steroids, ack: a replacement for grep and my new favourite font: Fira Sans Mono

Font as a tool? Well yes!

The new Firefox typeface has a great fixed width variant. I use it in my code editors, terminal and on this blog. The great thing about this font is that it distinguishes really well between characters that can be mistaken for each other.

As I'll happily show you there is 0 collisions between l and I, 0 and O, etc etc.

The name of this mono spaced font is Fira Mono. You can download the font here

Beyond grep: ack

Ack is grep, but then made for developers. I was already happy with git grep, until Ernst Naezer told me about ack. The nice thing about ack is that searches by developers tend to take less keystrokes. For example, when I’m looking for usages of the class JsonSlurper in .java files, I’ll simply type ack JsonSlurper --java. If I want to show more than one line per file, I can use the -C option: ack JsonSlurper --java -C. The tool is blazingly fast, git grep level. I’ve used it for a week now and I’m already hooked on it! You can get Ack here. Or on macs, simply install it with homebrew: brew install ack

Fiddle with RESTful APIs: httpie

When developing or exploring RESTful APIs, it’s useful to be able to fiddle with them on the command line. Httpie is the single best tool I’ve seen to date that doesn’t require a UI. One of the great things about httpie is that it’s JSON aware, which allows you to do really cool things! Have a look at the web site here. Easily installed on macs with brew install httpie or on most linux distros: yum install httpie or apt-get install httpie.

Here’s some examples, the actual command for httpie is called http:

  • POST a file to a web service running on localhost: http POST :8080/import < path_to_file
  • httpie posts a json by default: http :8080/people first=Wouter last=Danes will post a JSON to http://localhost:8080/people. The JSON will contain: { "first" : "Wouter", "last":"Danes" }.

Read the output of http --help, you’ll be surprised at what it can do!

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